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Treatment for Marionette Lines in Mayfair

Marionette lines are a clear giveaway to age, because they become unavoidable - they frame your most beautiful feature, your smile, and punctuate it with an ageing dull. But, here’s something to restore that smile once more - my signature techniques are not only effective creating enhanced facial structure or perfect lips, but also work incredibly when reducing the appearance of marionette lines. View

Cheek Fillers with Dr Rasha in Mayfair

One of my favourite treatments to suggest to my clients is cheek fillers. Often, clients will come to Dr Rasha Clinic hoping to correct certain signs of ageing - downturned corners of the mouth; loosened jowls; deeply creased marionette lines and nasolabial folds - and are often surprised when my proposed solution starts at their cheeks. View

Launch Dr Rasha’s Mayfair Clinic

I have always enjoyed providing a discreet and private service to all of my incredible clients from the comfort of my Knightsbridge location. However, I am excited to share with you that I will soon be able to offer the height of exclusivity I’ve always dreamed of - I am opening The Dr Rasha Clinic at a new, luxury location in the star-studded London District of Mayfair. View

Aesthetic Clinic London

You want to work with the best aesthetic clinic in London as they are professionals when developing a skin care plan that will meet your needs. While aesthetics services are currently very popular, most clinics are not regulated in this particular field. This means that the aestheticians may not have the knowledge, sufficient training, or the follow-up care plan for the services they offer. View