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Dr Rasha Clinic – Industry Professional chooses Dr Rasha


The clients that come through my door at Dr Rasha Clinic all have their own stories, and I absolutely cherish my time getting to know them and the goals they hope to achieve with my help. While I aim to provide consistently great results for my clients, often at times my clients actually change my outlook on my life, career, and even my signature techniques. I am always humbled that so many of my clients not only choose me to help them achieve their dreams, but that they keep coming back to my clinic and continue to involve me in their beautiful journeys.

The Favourite of Industry Professional

I am constantly overwhelmed with appreciation for the wonderful people I meet day-to-day, who make me strive to be a better doctor, and a better person. I am completely honoured that one of my clients, who is adored by many in the aesthetics industry, chooses Dr Rasha Clinic for her own treatments.

Product representatives – like my client in question – attend leading clinics across the world, and know everything there is to know about award-winning products and processes within the industry. To have such an expert in the field choose me for her cheek and lip dermal fillers is such an honour, that humbles me and makes me proud of my journey in providing aesthetics to such gorgeous, great people.

The Dr Rasha Approach

My approach to treating all my clients is based on compassion, understanding, and honesty. My initial consultations are vitally important to me, to get to know my clients personally and to understand completely what results they are dreaming of. My signature technique is different to what is performed at other aesthetics clinics, because I also pride myself on being an artist by nature, doctor by trade. This unique background of mine ensures that all my treatments are considered with both safety and technical accuracy, but also with aesthetics at the forefront of the treatment. I can assess a patient and their desired outcomes, and give honest feedback about whether their treatment will suit their existing natural beauty. By using the golden ratio and other artistic techniques, I can provide consistently excellent results that come from a different place than other aesthetic clinics.

Having an industry professional choose Dr Rasha Clinic over hundreds of others available to her is a true honour, and I am so humbled by her loyalty. But, whoever the client is that walks through my door, everyone is met with the same friendliness, professionalism and honesty. My dedication to great clinical practice and commitment to exceptional customer care is providing my clients with an excellent experience at Dr Rasha Clinic, which I absolutely love hearing about through my client feedback. Knowing that all my clients are satisfied, happy and confident in their results is what makes my hard work so worthwhile!

If you would like to speak to me about your aesthetic goals and discuss your concerns, I would love to hear from you to arrange a consultation. Please follow the Contact page on my website to find details of how to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.