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New year, new skin!


Our top treatments and best skincare tips to leave you feeling and looking your best.

It’s the start of a new year, and more importantly, a new decade! Why not get your skin looking and feeling fresher than ever to start 2020 off right?

With a range of luxury treatments, we can get your skin glowing in no time in order to help you achieve that five-star finish.

Advanced Facials

Aquagold® Fine Touch™

For an elegant facial, the Aquagold® Fine Touch™ helps rejuvenate the skin to improve skin quality, tone and texture. This is a 24-carat-gold device that administers multiple micro-needles for a pain-free boost of nutrients.

Envy Dermalinfusion Facial

When the early signs of ageing start to appear, the Envy Dermalinfusion Facial is exactly what you need. Perfect for reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, the suction provides exfoliation, while introducing beneficial serums to your skin for a smooth and beautiful complexion.


At the Dr Rasha Clinic in Mayfair, Dr Rasha only uses top-quality products for top-quality results. All of the skincare brands used at the clinic are well-known, five-star products.

Dr Levy

Dr Levy, a skincare brand created in Switzerland by the renowned Dr Levy, is an incredible solution for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will leave you with beautiful and younger-looking skin, using a plant-derived compound to rejuvenate its elasticity.

Obagi Medical

Created by Dr Zein Obagi, a world-leading dermatologist, the Obagi Medical range is known for being able to manage the symptoms of pigmentation, acne, rosacea and many other conditions. Dr Rasha will assess your skin and tailor a treatment plan to the condition of your individual skin, using one of her clinic’s top-of-the-range skincare lines.

ZO Skin Health

Also created by Dr Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health can help provide hydration and have a restorative effect on your skin. Available at the Dr Rasha clinic, Zo Skin Health can help you get your skin back to its full potential.


Created by a team of leading scientists and dermatologists, AlumierMD is a well-recognised skincare range. Managing the appearance of conditions such as acne and dealing with the premature signs of ageing, this world-class range can help with a number of your skin concerns.


The Dr Rasha clinic is known for its incredible results, especially with dermal fillers. Used for a range of reasons, from profile balancing to achieving a more youthful look, dermal fillers have become increasingly popular. They are administered via a very simple procedure that results in minimal downtime. Dermal fillers are the perfect way to get a “new you” look this year!

The dermal fillers Dr Rasha provides are:
Dermal Fillers For Cheeks
Dermal Fillers For Lips
Dermal Fillers For Marionette Lines
Dermal Fillers For Jawline Definition
Dermal Fillers For Chin Augmentation
Dermal Fillers For Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping
Dermal Fillers For Tear Troughs
Dermal Fillers For Smile Lines

Dr Rasha

Overseen by Dr Rasha, the Dr Rasha clinic always provides excellence. Offering the highest standard of quality and Mayfair’s most beautiful results, the Dr Rasha Clinic will always put your safety and comfort first.

To have a look at the other treatments we provide, visit our website: https://www.drrashaclinic.com/

To make any other enquiries, fill out one of the enquiry forms on our website and a member of the Dr Rasha team will get back to you.