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Everything You Need To Know About Aquagold Fine Touch


If you’ve heard about Aquagold Fine Touch in cosmetic and aesthetic circles recently, that’s because it’s the very latest advanced non-invasive treatment for enhancing your natural glow. Taking the industry by storm and having achieved success for everyone, influencers and celebrities included, Aquagold Fine Touch is the world’s first micro-channelling skin needling device, and the last word in facial rejuvenation.

Read on to find out everything you need to know, before booking your treatment with our specialists here at Dr Rasha Clinic.

What is Aquagold Fine Touch?

Using 20 patented, ultra-fine, gold-plated needles, AFG simultaneously creates multiple microchannels in the skin without causing damage or pain, for infusing tailored ingredients directly into the dermis. While microneedling relies on repairing the skin by damaging the dermal layers, promoting natural healing processes, Aquagold Fine Touch simply ensures that the cocktail of nutrients essential for glowing skin are delivered to exactly where you need them.

The ultra-fine needles are less than the width of a human hair, and are designed to painlessly administer vitamin enzymes, hormones, plant extracts and micro quantities of botulinum toxin (anti-wrinkle substance) and hyaluronic acid fillers in a quick ten-minute treatment.

How does it work?

With the optimum length of 600 micron depth, the gold-plated micro-needles of Aquagold Fine Touch perfectly align with the skin’s dermis. Rather than administering ingredients on top of the skin or underneath, essential treatments are delivered into the skin, for optimal absorption and rejuvenation. With wrinkle-relaxing and filler formulas being delivered at this level, the effects of mesobotox will create smoother, softer skin. Administering Botox here rather than in the muscle won’t prevent on-set wrinkles, but it will smooth the skin and refine the appearance of pores down to near-invisibility. The Hyaluronic Acid fillers within the cocktail of ingredients will draw moisture to the skin, ensuring it is plumped full of lasting hydration for a healthy, youthful glow that just keeps on going.

What can I expect to see from my treatment with Dr Rasha Clinic?

Dr Rasha is expertly trained to assess each clients’ skin and their specific conditions. One of the beauty points about the Aquagold Fine Touch is that it is completely customisable – Dr Rasha can specifically formulate and tailor the ingredients of the facial serum to help target and address your individual concerns. With this in mind, essential nutrients and enzymes can be reduced to make way for more Hyaluronic Acid, or Botox can be substituted for more oil-defying vitamins for a shine-free complexion.

The AFT has been designed to polish and refine your skin’s texture, without damage or downtime. Reducing the appearance of pores; combating acne breakouts; decreasing oil production; and plumping and tightening fine lines and wrinkles are all to be expected with this ground-breaking new medically-certified treatment. With radiant results being evident after just a couple of hours, the best results are one week prior to treatment – that’s your time to get ready and glow.

The treatment is incredibly versatile. Providing anti-aging and rejuvenating results across the face is just one thread to it’s bow of successes, as it is also gentle enough to provide lifting, tightening and plumping results to the delicate eye area, for a more toned lid or restored under-eye. The treatment is also rapid to perform as well as fast-acting, with the whole process taking just less than ten minutes. With 20 gold-plated ultra-fine needles at work with each administration of the device to the face, it can quickly deliver an essential rejuvenating cocktail to dehydrated, aging skin. Lift your entire complexion with a clarity-boosting, ultimate moisture-surge treatment, and speak to Dr Rasha.