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BDR: Skin Treatments In London

As we move through life, our skin can be one of the biggest indicators of our age, with gradually depleting collagen supplies making the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes seemingly inevitable. And, for some people, skin concerns aren’t always synonymous with ageing, with common conditions such as acne making themselves a nuisance all through the way from adolescence to adulthood. View

Top 3 Post-Lockdown Treatments: Lip Fillers, Anti-wrinkle Solutions & Advanced Facials

As we move closer to normality, it’s only natural for us to begin thinking about enjoying all of the things that we seemed to take for granted before the outbreak of Covid-19. For many of us, booking in for cosmetic and aesthetic treatments has become part of our monthly routines, and this is something that we’re sure our patients will be keen to get back to as soon as possible. View

COVID-19: An Update from Dr Rasha Clinic

At the Dr Rasha Clinic, we’ve always placed the safety, happiness and wellbeing of all of our staff and patients at the centre of our work in order to ensure of the most professional service possible and in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak, this approach to the way we work has been no different. View

Halt Hair Loss with Dr Rasha

Although it’s distressing to admit, hair loss can be a natural part of getting older. And whilst it might be men we think of first when discussing thinning locks, hair loss is something that can affect either gender. More common in people of a certain age, hair loss can occur at any time and the reasons for this are many, from stress and illness to significant hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies. Yet, despite the origin of hair loss differing case by case, the end result of this natural phenomenon is often the same: an embarrassed and self-conscious individual who experiences a sharp drop in confidence as their hair continues to thin. View

Mesotherapy: Treatments For The Face, Neck and Hands

The seemingly unstoppable decline in the condition of our skin as we move through life can be put down to a number of irritating factors: pollutants and free radicals, the harshness of our environment, sun exposure or, simply, the process of getting older. View

Dr Rasha: Patient Reviews

The best of 2019! Thank you for all of your amazing reviews this year! Here at the Dr Rasha Clinic in Mayfair, we pride ourselves on a professional, safe and luxurious five-star experience for all of our patients - and it’s clear you agree. Have a look at some of your reviews below! View

Tear Trough Fillers

And why they’re so complex! Tear trough fillers have become increasingly popular over the years. With the ability to make tired eyes look refreshed, it’s no surprise why. However, when you’re looking into the prospect of undergoing a tear trough filler procedure, it’s extremely important that you make sure you go to an established clinic where the appropriate safety measures are in place. View

New year, new skin!

Our top treatments and best skincare tips to leave you feeling and looking your best. It’s the start of a new year, and more importantly, a new decade! Why not get your skin looking and feeling fresher than ever to start 2020 off right? With a range of luxury treatments, we can get your skin glowing in no time in order to help you achieve that five-star finish. View

Get ready for Xmas with Dermal Fillers

What better way to celebrate the start of the festive season? Why wait until the New Year for a new you? As Christmas fast approaches, so do the parties and dinners with work, friends and family. Look and feel the best you can this Christmas with Dermal Fillers. View