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Cheek Fillers with Dr Rasha in Mayfair


Facial structure is one of nature’s most fascinating wonders. I firmly believe that the face can be very reflective of a person’s character, and I find the different contours and shapes of each of my clients’ features boundlessly interesting. I am very lucky that my artistic background allows me to explore my fascination with the human face through paints and canvas, but I am even more grateful that I am trusted with the beautiful faces of my loyal clients.

An Artistic Eye

As an artist, I know the specific theories and proportional fractions that combine to create something beautiful, but I also know the emotion and character to be expressed through a canvas. For me, facial rejuvenation is very much linked to the artistic field. Each procedure I carry out is carefully considered to produce the most effective, attractive results for each different client. But, it is equally important to me to capture the essence of my clients, so that their confidence shines from their face like youthful radiance. I never perform any treatments that I don’t believe will benefit my client, and my results are always a subtle, natural enhancement of my clients’ organic beauty.

The Triangle of Youth

One of my favourite treatments to suggest to my clients is cheek fillers. Often, clients will come to Dr Rasha Clinic hoping to correct certain signs of ageing – downturned corners of the mouth; loosened jowls; deeply creased marionette lines and nasolabial folds – and are often surprised when my proposed solution starts at their cheeks. As we age, the cheeks lose their natural volume. When we are young, our cheekbones are the widest point of an invisible triangle, that make a point at the chin. These high cheekbones, full cheeks, and strong jawline are the three main features of a youthful face, which provide the structure for what is known as the ‘triangle of youth’. Ageing tends to make this triangle invert itself – the widest point becomes the jowls, the undereye area becomes dark and sallow, and the point of the triangle rest between the fine wrinkles between our sunken brows. The natural loss of collagen and elastin over time forces the skin to start sagging, making us appear older than we feel.

Rebalancing the Face with Cheek Fillers

My intricate knowledge of fine art theory and medical anatomy combine to form my signature style. Since the largest area of volume in the face is the cheeks, I adopt an anatomical approach to using dermal fillers, to balance out the rest of the face. Replacing lost volume in this area effectively ‘replaces’ the skin back to it’s position of youth: loose skin around the jowls appear tighter; the corners of the mouth return to their original position; and marionette lines and nasolabial folds appear smoothed. And the benefits of my signature cheek fillers isn’t limited to the lower half of the face – this toning of the skin through restoring facial volume also lifts and brightens the tear trough area, revitalising the appearance of youth. By considering the areas of sagging skin to be the cause of a natural lack of volume in another area of the face, I can achieve incredible anti-ageing results that appear natural yet luminous, allowing my clients’ true radiance and character to still shine through their face, without any freezing or fixing of the facial muscles.

All of my clients are always overwhelmed with the results I can achieve with this surprising treatment for a range of ageing concerns. I will never tire of my fascination with the beauty of the facial structure, and how it reflects the person it belongs to. It is my true honour to restore the familiar, youthful facial contours for people who have lost confidence in their appearance due to premature ageing, and I thoroughly enjoy our personal consultations where I can recommend the most effective treatment for you. To book yours or to discuss your concerns, please get in touch with me today at Dr Rasha Clinic for the best cheek fillers london based.