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Facial Peels With Dr Rasha


Lockdown restrictions are finally easing and you are probably excited to start experiencing all that life has to offer once again! However, for many people, one of the first ports of call is going to be getting their skin back to its usual high standards!

During the lockdown months, we heard our fair share of skincare horror stories, from people burning themselves with at-home chemical peels to those who fell asleep in the garden covered in oil and woke up looking rather red. Even if you managed to avoid a skincare hiccup, it is likely that lockdown has still had a negative impact on your skin, due to its stressful circumstances and any lifestyle adjustments that you may have needed to make.

Whatever your skin complaint, Dr Rasha’s fantastic range of facial peels is sure to help you on the path towards crystal clear, more radiant skin! Today, we thought we’d let you know just what goes into our facial peels, and why so many people are paying us a visit now lockdown has (partially) concluded!

What Are Facial Peels?

A facial peel, also known as a chemical peel, is a solution that is applied to your face to remove dead skin cells whilst simultaneously facilitating the growth of new ones. There are many different types of peel that have been designed with different ingredients and use cases in mind. They also come in varying strengths – these are usually referred to as light (least concentrated) peels, medium peels and deep (most concentrated) peels.

If you are new to aesthetics treatments, or peels in particular, then you might be put off by the words ‘peel’ and ‘chemical’ – especially when they are used in the same sentence. However, there really is nothing to worry about! Peels have been around for a lot longer than you have, with records dating the first version of a chemical peel back to Egyptian times!

Although the Egyptians and Romans utilised methods very similar to facial peels, as a treatment, peels only really started to gain mainstream popularity towards the latter end of the 20th century. Years of research later, we now have the peels that we use today – those that have been specifically formulated to tackle a wide variety of skin concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation issues and even scarring! Unlike those used in the past, these peels have been created with a range of medically tested active ingredients and chemical exfoliants such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retinoic acid and lactic acid, to provide you with the most dramatic results possible.

Dr Rasha’s Envy Silk Peel

When it comes to peels, or anything related to aesthetics, you will only experience and receive the highest quality of care at Dr Rasha Clinic. The Envy Silk Peel is one treatment that truly embodies this feeling of luxury. It is a three-step facial procedure that provides patients with a host of rejuvenating benefits, from tackling inflammation and treating acne to reducing the prominence of pigmentation and creating a more youthful appearance.

The beauty of the Envy Skin Peel, in particular, is that it was designed by Dr Rasha herself – this means it can be tailored to your unique circumstances, whatever your skin type, tone or concern.

This treatment usually begins with a cleanse to help flush your pores of any dirt and debris that they may have accumulated within them. Dr Rasha will then create a bespoke ‘cocktail’ for you and your skin, to address the concerns that you will have discussed before your treatment began. This cocktail usually includes all the essential serums and nutrients that you need to alleviate your concerns and achieve beautiful, clear skin.

The treatment is concluded with Light Therapy to ensure your skin remains healthy long after your treatment has been completed.

Dr Rasha Clinic London

Dr Rasha Rakhshani is one of London’s most renowned cosmetic doctors and her place of work, Dr Rasha Clinic, shares a similar reputation. Based in a prestigious Mayfair location, Dr Rasha has years of experience providing patients with bespoke, luxury aesthetics care.

Dr Rasha’s unparalleled attention to detail combined with her artistic flair and passion for aesthetics is the very reason why so many people choose to visit her all year round, and from all corners of the globe! When people talk about high-end aesthetics, Dr Rasha is truly the pinnacle.

If you are looking to revitalise your appearance after another lengthy lockdown, then please do reach out to us! We would be honoured to work with you to help you achieve any of the aesthetic goals that you might have. To find out more, please contact us on 0203 746 2211, 07511 107 511 or at info@drrashaclinic.com.