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Hand Rejuvenation


As an artist, I know that beauty is subjective. As a doctor, I know that the signs of ageing are inevitable, and often occur in many overlooked areas of the body. While it is scientifically proven that sun damage produces signs of ageing on our skin (making it thinner, more textured and prone to hyperpigmentation) our year-round SPF protection is often limited to our face and neck, and maybe extending across our body during high summer season.

However, there are two points on our body that may experience more sun and pollutant damage, and suffer more wear and tear, that express the signs of ageing even sooner than our faces: they are our hands.

The Ageing of the Hands

We become so used to the appearance of our hands, that their changing appearance can often creep up on us. Their inevitable ageing can go unnoticed for a sustained period of time, until one moment we no longer know the backs of our hands like we used to. The first place on the hands that time begins to show is often the back of the hand, where the skin is naturally thinner than our palms. As we age, our collagen and elastin production levels naturally decrease throughout the body, and on the backs of our hands this shows much faster than the rest of body because of this thinner area of skin. Our veins, knuckles and bones begin to look much more prominent because of this lack of volume, and our constant use of our hands in day-to-day life means that wrinkles may form and not repair as well as they used to due to our lost dermal elasticity.

For me, the hands show a wealth of experience about my clients, and I find them fascinating from an artistic perspective. They can tell so much about a person, but often they can become a great source of discomfort and reduce our self-esteem. Thankfully, I am highly experienced in hand rejuvenation and take great pride in restoring hands to their youthful glory.

Hand Rejuvenation at Dr Rasha Clinic

Dermal fillers are an excellent way of restoring volume to the hands, and smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I have a wide range of HA dermal fillers at Dr Rasha Clinic in varying strengths, so I can assess your concerns and choose an appropriate filler that will be perfect to achieve your desired results. Using my signature artistic technique, the appearance of your hands can improve dramatically with dermal fillers, taking only four weeks to show beautiful results that last for up to one year. I am always very conscious of safety and comfort for my clients, and will never perform a treatment that I feel would be unsuitable or unsightly with each clients individual bone structure and condition.

Another option I offer at Dr Rasha Clinic is Mesotherapy. This option is a fantastic alternative to dermal fillers, because this non-surgical treatment administers pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, revitalising vitamins, and nourishing plant extracts to care for the lower layers of skin, helping them to naturally plump and restore their initial flawless condition. The ingredients in Mesotherapy injections can help to stimulate your own response of increased levels of collagen and elastin production, meaning that the results can be very long-lasting. You will be able to see results after just one treatment, as the hands look smoother, plumper and more youthful, but I recommend a course of three treatments for most of my clients, with the occasional top-up treatment to maintain your hands health. I personally only use the best equipment for all my procedures, and use the Mesogun-U225 to deliver a highly concentrated treatment with completely pain-free results. To find out more, I would be happy to give you further information at your initial consultation.

If you are interested in dermal fillers or Mesotherapy for complete hand rejuvenation, please contact me to discuss your specific concerns and aesthetic goals. My extensive experience in clinical aesthetics and innate artistic flair mean that I deliver consistently great results in hand rejuvenation, to restore a natural-looking, healthy appearance for my clients. Putting your best hands forward can give you the confidence you need to carry anything, so get in touch with Dr Rasha Clinic today.