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How Might The Covid Vaccine Affect Injectable Treatments?


With England recently reaching step 3 on the roadmap out of lockdown, it seems that all signs point to a long-awaited summer of freedom. And though we’ve been open since 12th April – with all requisite health and safety measures in place – we can’t help but share in the nation’s delight at the prospect of no more limitations on social contact.

Key to our escape from the restrictions that have overshadowed our lives for the past 14 months, of course, is the success of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, and it’s this that may have an impact on any plans you may have for post-lockdown skin or beauty treatments.

Why might this be so?

The Link Between Injectables And The Covid Vaccine

This is because a small number of patients who received dermal filler treatment after the Covid jab went on to experience noticeable facial swelling in the aftermath of such procedures.

And even though these reactions did not occur at Dr Rasha Clinic, and the patients in question did not encounter any other side effects, we have decided to ask all of our patients to leave a three-week gap between Covid vaccination and filler treatment. This will give the immune system designed to react unfavourably to foreign substances – time to settle after vaccination.

To further protect against this risk, Dr Rasha will be advising patients not to undergo dermal filler treatment up to a month before receiving their Covid jab. If you wish to book in for Botulinum toxin procedures you may be asked to wait for two weeks either before or after Covid vaccination.

Our Injectable Treatments

Since our reopening, injectable treatments have been extremely high on many of our patients’ agendas and we have continued to offer tried-and-tested solutions to several face-based areas of concern. Fillers for lips, cheeks, tear troughs, chins and jawlines

have been particularly popular throughout this period, with anti-wrinkle injections also vital in helping those suffering from the dreaded “Zoom Face”.

As ever, our treatment process will begin by requesting that you have an initial consultation with Dr Rasha herself. This meeting is important in allowing her to understand both your goals and the needs of your skin before she makes a series of recommendations based on her findings and your intended outcomes.

During this consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you may have about your treatment and Dr Rasha will always provide you with a considered, detailed response to put your mind at ease. If you feel anxious about returning to the “real world”, you can rest assured that we’ll be continuing to operate our clinic under strict health and safety measures for as long as it is necessary to do so.

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