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The Golden Ratio for Lip Fillers


Dr Rasha

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is instead founded in Maths and Science. Iconic artist Leonardo Da Vinci was first and foremost a pioneer for intricate and beautiful paintings, but he was also a great scientist and anatomist. With a long-standing interest in the human form and it’s beauty, Da Vinci produced work based on Greek mathematics and Fibonacci numerical sequence to formulate the Golden Ratio by which we all – usually unknowingly – acknowledge attractive appearance. The Golden Ratio is the basis for many of his most famous paintings, such as Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa.

Natural Beauty & Lip Fillers London

The Golden Ratio, or Phi as it is also known (in reference to its origins), relies on the understanding that 1:1.618 is organic in nature, and is naturally aesthetically pleasing. This ratio is found across the natural world in flower petals, shells, spiral galaxy formations, DNA structures, and even in hurricanes, presenting a powerful yet aesthetically interesting object of beauty. When considering the face, the Golden Ratio can and is still applicable – many people exhibit Golden Ratio properties through great genetics, and are considered more attractive according to research-led studies.

Perfect Proportions

Studying the Golden Ratio in accordance with facial structure allows clear patterns to form and creates guidelines for the most beautiful, natural-looking divine proportions. A keen artist herself, Dr Rasha uses the Golden Ratio and takes into account each patient’s face and bone structure, to correctly design the perfect lip filler treatment to bring together the facial features in harmonious natural balance to help each patient achieve their perfect Mona Lisa smile.

Combining Dr Rasha’s artistic flair and creative eye with her extensive scientific knowledge and expertise make her a leading London aesthetic doctor, with an appreciation not only for excellence in technique and formulas, but also aesthetic enhancement and natural beauty. To book a consultation with Dr Rasha and to discuss how Da Vinci lip filler treatment could work for you, do get in touch for the best Lip Fillers London.