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Our Best Lockdown Skincare Tips


It’s normally around now that we share some of our best winter skincare tips to give you the best chance of maintaining a healthy glow during the coldest parts of the year, but, as with so many things in 2020, things are a little bit different this time around.

With the country once again adjusting to life under lockdown and aesthetics clinics such as ourselves unable to provide you with the skin-boosting treatments that you’ve come to know and love, we’ve come together to produce a guide on how to look after your skin over the next few weeks, taking into account reduced social contact and the increased time we’re all set to spend indoors.

Here, we will talk you through several tried-and-tested methods of addressing the conditions that are typical of this time of year and how you can adapt these traditional skincare tips for life under renewed Covid-19 restrictions. You can thank us later.

The impact of safety measures on the skin

Wearing a face covering and washing your hands at regular intervals may have become a routine part of everyday life as of late, but are you doing your bit to ensure that your skin doesn’t fall victim to the side effects of these safety measures?

This year has seen the arrival of “maskne” – a phenomenon characterised by the appearance of spots on the areas of the face that are protected by a mask. Many experts attribute the development of this form of acne to the frequency at which parts of the nose, lips, mouth and chin now come into contact with an unfamiliar material and how wearing a mask can make the face a breeding ground for bacteria.

Faces aside, thorough hand washing can cause the skin on these body parts to crack and dry out, something which can lead to some severe discomfort for pretty much anyone.

Our top skincare tips here would be to select a mask made from a gentle, breathable fabric and to wash this after every use. You should also purchase more than one of these to avoid having to wait around for your mask to dry and we’d advise making a habit of washing your face after returning home. Dry, damaged hands can be given new life with the help of regular moisturising.

Stick to your skincare routine

The savvier individuals amongst you will have already adapted your daily skincare routine to meet the challenges of autumn and winter head-on, and this is something that you’ll need to continue for the duration of lockdown.

Despite not going outside as much, your skin will still remain vulnerable to the season’s low humidity and will therefore need to be replenished by skincare products that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Hyaluronic acid is vital to rehydrating skin that has become parched and lifeless as a result of the dry air and Vitamin C can safeguard against the sagging skin that can develop after such dryness, stimulating the body’s production of collagen when we need it most.

An additional skincare tip here is to apply a heavy-duty moisturiser after bathing or showering. This can ensure optimal hydration regardless of what it may read on the thermometer.

Consider the influence of working from home

Working from home might be difficult but at least skipping the commute and escaping the cold can mean good news for our skin, right? Not always. With many of us now installed in makeshift offices until December, we find ourselves at risk of growing too fond of the central heating and partaking in intermittent snacking – a total recipe for disaster.

But why are heating and eating such a lethal combination? More hours spent chained to the radiator can strip our skin of moisture and trigger conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea whilst indulging in certain foods can also lead to unwanted flare-ups and breakouts.

What do we suggest here? The best skincare tips for reducing the chances of this happening would be to keep the thermostat at a respectable level and to turn the heating off altogether when it gets too warm. We’d also advise upping your intake of fluids at this time. This will make sure that your skin always stays looking fresh and nourished.

It’s a difficult time for us all

We’ve already alluded to how working at home and being unable to venture out for anything that isn’t essential can deal a real blow to our dietary habits but it’s crucial to remember that eating unhealthily can sometimes be a coping mechanism. If this practice begins to take its toll on your skin, try to find an alternative source of comfort. Lose yourself in a good book, swear off social media for the night or focus your attention on learning something new. Keeping occupied is vital in helping you to properly wind down at the end of the day.

Until we’ve all been given the OK to return to work as normal again, it’s also a good idea to structure your day as well as you can. Get up as you would for a regular working week and dress as if you’re heading into the office – this will make you feel much better about the situation we currently find ourselves in.

Want one final lockdown skincare tip? One thing that will definitely help whilst at home is refraining from wearing quite so much makeup. Non-comedogenic varieties of such may be designed to limit the possibility of your pores becoming clogged and your skin breaking out but we’d still recommend taking this opportunity to let your skin breathe, even if you are expecting to jump on a Zoom call!

Dr Rasha Clinic

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