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Treatment for Marionette Lines in Mayfair


There is nothing in this world more beautiful and endearing as a smile. I love creating this response from my clients when they see their incredible results at Dr Rasha Clinic, but for the sake of reducing the production of fine lines and wrinkles, could you imagine giving up your bright, beautiful beam?

…I can’t imagine it either! It is the universally attractive best feature we all hold, and invites such warmth and happiness into our lives. Afterall, you get out of life what you put in – and if you’re handing out smiles, then more will come back your way. But unfortunately, and somewhat counter-intuitively, smiling can take its toll on our skin once we pass a certain age.

The Ageing Mouth

Over the course of a day, our mouths are constantly on the move – talking, eating, and expressing our emotions. Just like any wrinkles, this constant wear of the facial muscles can cause skin to sag, particularly when our skin is naturally depleting it’s levels of collagen and elastin. Our skin becomes thinner as we age, and it is less able to recover from environmental damage, depleting tissue, and sub-surface muscular movement. Around our mouths is particularly delicate due to it’s high-intensity usage throughout our lives, and this can cause a particular type of wrinkle that negatively impacts how old we look – and often how old we feel.

Marionette lines run vertically down towards either side of the chin, from the corners of the mouth. These wrinkles often develop into deep-set lines, due to the depleting tissue around the mouth being forced to sag by gravity, and the downward force created by the tissue in the naturally plumper cheeks. Marionette lines are a clear giveaway to age, because they become unavoidable – they frame your most beautiful feature, your smile, and punctuate it with an ageing dull. These lines often are the first signs of the formation of jowls, whereby your jawline also starts to deplete and sag.

Treating Marionette Lines with Dr Rasha

But, here’s something to restore that smile once more – my signature techniques are not only effective creating enhanced facial structure or perfect lips, but also work incredibly when reducing the appearance of marionette lines. My extensive medical knowledge and experience helps me to determine the best treatment option for each client, and my artistic flair ensures that all of the results are a natural-looking enhancement of your former youthful beauty.

Using artistic theories such as The Golden Ratio, I can precisely proportion your face to create your most beautiful contours yet, while reducing – and even preventing – marionette lines. I only ever provide the very best tailored treatments to my clients after an initial consultation, whereby I can determine whether treatment with dermal fillers or Botox would suit your needs most effectively.

Dermal fillers can be used to subtly increase the volume in the face, giving the appearance of smoother, more toned skin with less wrinkles. However, anti-wrinkle injections can give this same effect while simultaneously preventing further wrinkles from developing, by temporarily relaxing the muscles around the mouth. Using my signature specialist techniques, these methods will allow you to seamlessly show off your glowing smile while effectively reducing the appearance of ageing wrinkles, without giving your face a ‘frozen’ look. Being an artist and a doctor, my passion is creating the most beautiful version of you. For me, that includes allowing happiness to beam from your face through your smile, rather than leave you looking unnaturally fixed!

Treating marionette lines is one of my favourite treatments to perform, because it truly enhances and balances the whole face for a more youthful appearance. I love explaining the benefits of marionette line treatment to my clients, and so if you’d like to discuss your concerns, I would love to see you for a consultation where I can assess your facial structure and your aesthetic goals. To book your initial consultation with me at Dr Rasha Clinic in Mayfair, London, get in touch today.