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Patient Journey

Dr Rasha Rakhshani is one of London’s most highly respected Cosmetic Doctors, and – with her wealth of experience combined with her true passion for aesthetic medicine and unrivalled patient approach – has built up a huge patient following, both in the UK and worldwide. The patient journey and experience at Dr Rasha Clinic is personal, attentive, and highly professional – infused, of course, with the utmost levels of patient care.


The patient journey at the Dr Rasha Clinic will always begin with your initial consultation. For all treatments, this consultation will be with Dr Rasha herself, who will give a thorough assessment and discuss your expectations and medical history before recommending a solution. Dr Rasha finds that when patients come to see her at the clinic, sometimes they might think they want a certain treatment, but there is in fact a more suited treatment to them that can achieve even better results.

Dr Rasha will always discuss all of the options that are available and suitable for you before you make any decisions on going ahead with treatment at the clinic.


After your consultation, the next step of your patient journey is the treatment itself. You will have been given detailed information on what to expect during your treatment at your consultation with Dr Rasha, but she will always ensure that you are feeling comfortable and at ease before beginning the aesthetic procedure. Whatever the treatment, this is where you get to experience first hand the artistic and medical skills that are entwined together by Dr Rasha to achieve the most beautiful and natural results.

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Results & Aftercare

Immediately after treatment, Dr Rasha will give you detailed aftercare information to follow, and depending on the procedure, she may give you some products to apply when at home to aid the healing process. This said, if patients ever have any concerns post-treatment, then Dr Rasha will always be on-hand for advice, or follow up appointments if necessary.

Once you have seen the optimum results from your treatment, just like all of the other delighted patients of Dr Rasha, we know that you won’t be disappointed.