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The Importance of the Patient Journey When Undergoing An Aesthetics Treatment


Although there are several things involved in putting together the perfect aesthetics treatment, we’re sure you’ll all agree that nothing is more important than a well-structured and comprehensive patient journey. 

For many people, the decision to undergo an aesthetics treatment is one that requires a lot of thought and, as such, these individuals are most likely to choose a practitioner, clinic or provider that they can trust to guide them safely through their treatment, from enquiry to aftercare. 

At Dr Rasha Clinic, London, we consider our patient journey to be amongst the best in the country and, led by our amazing founder Dr Rasha Rakhshani, leave no stone unturned in helping those who visit us to enjoy every aspect of their chosen aesthetics treatment.

Beginning your aesthetics treatment with a consultation

Upon enquiry, you will be asked to book in with us for a one-on-one consultation. This will be conducted by Dr Rasha herself and will be used as a means of exploring your issues and concerns before identifying the perfect aesthetics treatment for you. During this time, Dr Rasha will seek to find out more about your medical history and answer any questions you may have about what to expect from your chosen treatment. There are times when those who visit us have a clear idea of what sort of treatment they would like to undergo and we will do our best to accommodate these wishes, always being careful to advise you against a certain procedure if we do not feel that this will be beneficial to you.

Proceeding with treatment

Once your consultation has been completed, you will (hopefully) have decided whether or not you want to proceed with treatment. When a procedure has been agreed upon, you will be presented with detailed information about this treatment and an appointment will be booked in. On the day of your treatment, Dr Rasha will check that you are feeling happy to undergo treatment and will take pains to ensure that you do so in as much comfort as possible. As one of London’s most respected Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Rasha is well-known for the quality of her results – these are always beautiful, natural-looking and totally unrivalled in their artistry, with very few patients leaving our clinic feeling disappointed.

You can find our treatments in full here.

Detailed aftercare instructions

One of the most under-acknowledged elements of undergoing an aesthetics treatment is sticking to a strict aftercare regime, and not doing this could compromise both the quality and longevity of your results. That’s why Dr Rasha will also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions in the aftermath of your treatment and may even send you home with some products that have been designed to support your healing process. In addition to this, patients who have any concerns post-treatment can contact Dr Rasha at any time and she will always be happy to give as much advice as is needed on any aspect of the recovery process. Please note that it may sometimes be necessary to book in for a follow-up appointment, but this will be discussed with you as part of your treatment journey.

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