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Manage A Range Of Skin Conditions With BDR


As the body’s largest organ, our skin can be the source of so much lost confidence and self-esteem. With our age made visible by the appearance of wrinkles on several parts of the face, rough, discoloured patches of skin indicative of too much time spent in the sun and scars acting as a reminder of an injury or condition we’d rather forget, there are times when not even the use of makeup or skincare products can cover up a lifetime of living, leaving us feeling anxious, hopeless and unsure of what to do next..

At Dr Rasha Clinic, we’ve always been committed to helping our patients to achieve smoother, fresher and younger-looking skin, which is why we’re pleased to be able to add yet another fantastic procedure to our existing treatment range.

Introducing BDR…

What is BDR?

As a series of intelligent skin treatments, BDR has quickly established itself as a skincare system with a difference. Instead of providing patients with a quick fix to issues as wide-ranging as wrinkles, acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, sagging and loss of volume, it strives to tackle these concerns on a deeper level, employing a patented 6-in-1 treatment philosophy to replenish and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

With technology taken from aesthetic dermatology, BDR is an advanced solution to many of the signs of ageing that regularly imprint themselves on the skin, rectifying these problems at their source and leaving patients with instantly beautiful complexions in the aftermath of each and every treatment.

How does it work?

Usually beginning with a chemical peel designed to strip away the blemishes, debris or dead skin cells that can have a detrimental impact on the skin’s complexion, this treatment then uses advanced exfoliation techniques to restore the skin to its former smoothness, evening out its texture and tone in the process.

After this, a microneedling tool may be used to inflict small injuries on the skin and encourage its natural repair processes into action, providing a timely boost in collagen and elastin – the two proteins responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity – which then results in a brighter, healthier appearance. Serums and cosmeceuticals can then be applied directly to the skin to fulfil a number of aims, from preventing future overproduction of melanin and supporting tissue repair to reducing wrinkles and quickening the process of cell renewal.

Following on from a Sublime-Hands Massage, which can ensure of the proper infusion of these serums, improve circulation and facial contour and facilitate the removal of harmful toxins, these treatments are concluded by LED light therapy, an effective method of accelerating cell renewal that also gives the skin the tools to protect itself from damage in the future.

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In our post-lockdown world, there’s a good chance that many of you will be searching for ways to restore your skin to its most luxurious condition and, with BDR, this is a very real possibility.

To find out more about this treatment, and to book in for an initial consultation, visit our website or call 0203 746 2211 or +44 7511 107511 today.