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The Best Skin Treatments in Mayfair: Our Recent Instagram Q&A in Full


Over the last five years, Dr Rasha has developed a reputation as one of the finest Cosmetic Doctors in the UK and patients have come from far and wide to experience a luxury skin treatment in the confines of her highly regarded Mayfair clinic.

As of late, this hasn’t been as easy to do as it once was, with Covid-19 limiting the movement of people across the country and the legal restrictions put in place to contain the spread of this virus making it harder for patients to indulge in skin treatments as freely as they did before.

It’s for this reason that we recently held a very informative Q&A session on our Instagram page and encouraged all of our followers to take part, with no query too big or too small. Dr Rasha did her best to answer all questions as thoroughly as possible and advised on a whole range of topics throughout the session, from the best in-clinic treatments for various skin concerns to how these can be managed at home.

You can find the full write-up of this hugely popular event below.

How can you reduce pores?

I would say that the best treatment for reducing pores is microneedling – we do also offer the Spectra Peel as well and [your choice of treatment] depends on your biggest skin concern. We have a [few] product options to reduce pores, including retinol and other products that can shrink the pores. The best thing to do is to book in for an appointment to allow us to assess your skin and give you some further treatment options.

After [pore] extraction, how should I cleanse and treat my skin to calm it down?

After the extraction, you should cleanse and moisturise the skin as soon as you get home. The skin will naturally become less inflamed by the next morning. If your skin is still really sensitive and you’re still a little bit red, then you shouldn’t worry as this is completely normal. To help with this, you can always use LED light because this really calms the skin down.

Alternatively, you could just use something very gentle without overusing any harsh products such as retinoids. To maintain the results after extraction, you should exfoliate regularly – around once a week. When doing this, use some retinol or something similar to shrink the pores and reduce the sebum inside of them.

How can I stop spots?

To reduce spots, I would usually try to find out why you’re having a breakout. This could be due to your health, nutrition, hormones or because of any stress you may be experiencing. Once this has been established, your spots can be treated properly. Treatments for the reduction of spots include peels such as the Envy Facial, an advanced procedure where the skin is deeply cleansed and rehydrated.

Beauty products can also be incorporated into this and all of our facials and, in some instances, we may treat your skin with the help of a selection of small devices. This is to ensure that the skin remains cleansed. At home, we would suggest using a range of premium skincare products to maintain healthy skin. Everyone’s skin is different and their concerns are unique to them, so the products I recommend would be influenced by these two factors.

What is the best treatment for your face?

As we have a wide variety of peels, facials and skincare products available, we would advise that you book in for a consultation so we can put together a treatment plan that’s unique to your skin. If you’re unable to visit us for a consultation, you can take part in a consultation over the phone or via WhatsApp. I would then ask you to come in so I can treat your facial skin accordingly.

How can we fix uneven skin tone around the lip area?

For skin tone, I would always suggest having a treatment and product combination. The best option for skin resurfacing is Dermapen®. The M22 Laser can also help to resurface the skin and refill all the dents and gaps to give you a plumper, healthier glow. Following this, you should also use retinol at home or something else that helps stimulate new cell production. Using these will help you maintain your healthy skin. Of course, everyone’s skin is unique to them, so I would come up with a treatment plan based on your requirements.

I have pigmentation on my cheeks, how can I make that better?

This depends on the level of the pigmentation: Is it superficial or much deeper? For this kind of concern, I do usually need to see and assess your skin. We can then decide what sort of treatment would suit you, including clinical procedures and products that you can use at home.

The best option for deeper pigmentation is the M22 Laser. We can also apply a Blue Radiance Peel or a Korean peel, as well as perform BDR® treatment. In addition to these things, we also offer a combination of peels, microdermabrasion and microneedling which helps to break down the pigmentation for best results. To maintain this at home, we can always give you brightening serums, assorted creams and anything else that can help you retain that healthy skin.

We can discuss the ideal course of action for you during a consultation.

How do I get extra glowing skin?

I would always suggest starting with something like microdermabrasion or a light peel to remove dead skin cells because these things are normally the cause of dull skin. Every facial we offer helps to rehydrate the skin, with microdermabrasion a really valuable way of helping the skin look brighter and healthier. The Blue Radiance Peel and M22 Laser are also useful here, as they can brighten and rejuvenate the skin to give it an extra glow. Some of these things may require a patch test, which can be performed during your consultation.

Which is the best eye cream?

I would say this depends on your specific concerns because every brand has different eye creams for targeting the dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes. Retinol-based creams help to diminish wrinkles and Obagi®, Dr Levy® or BDR® creams are more suited to puffiness and dark circles.

Depending on your concerns, you can add something extra in the form of tear trough fillers. This injectable treatment helps to lift the skin around the eyes.

Do you offer cellulite reduction treatment?

We do have an amazing machine which uses radio frequencies to trigger muscle contractions, so a full course of this treatment would make a huge difference. This tightens the skin and breaks down cellulite. It’s a 2-in-1 treatment which means that you can use it on the body, bum, abdomen and arms, as well as double chins and for contouring the face.

Do you send products to the UAE?

We offer international shipping, which means that we can send products to anywhere around the world. We can ship them straight to your house – all you have to do is order over the phone, through WhatsApp or via email. You can pay using a variety of methods and we will send these products to you as quickly as we can.

Dr Rasha

As evidenced in all of her answers to your questions, Dr Rasha is passionate about helping everyone to identify the skin treatment that is right for them. To take advantage of Dr Rasha’s unparalleled care and attention, book in with Dr Rasha Clinic today by calling 0203 746 221 or 07511 107 511. You can also email info@drrashaclinic.com.