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What Is Mesotherapy?

Whilst it’s true that Botox® and dermal fillers are considered to be the big hitters in terms of facial rejuvenation, their popularity may soon be challenged by a stunning method of treatment known as mesotherapy! View

Get Your Skin Ready For Christmas With Dr Rasha Clinic

Lockdown 2.0 might have left our hopes of a “normal” Christmas hanging in the balance but that’s no reason to cross skin maintenance off your agenda. With rules and restrictions changing on the regular, failing to get your skin ready for the festive period could mean that you end up looking less than your best regardless of how December pans out and whether the annual work Christmas party gets given the unexpected go-ahead or you end up celebrating social-distance style over Zoom! View

Halt Hair Loss with Dr Rasha

Although it’s distressing to admit, hair loss can be a natural part of getting older. And whilst it might be men we think of first when discussing thinning locks, hair loss is something that can affect either gender. More common in people of a certain age, hair loss can occur at any time and the reasons for this are many, from stress and illness to significant hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies. Yet, despite the origin of hair loss differing case by case, the end result of this natural phenomenon is often the same: an embarrassed and self-conscious individual who experiences a sharp drop in confidence as their hair continues to thin. View