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Dr Levy Skincare


Medical Grade Skincare

We welcome so many amazing people into Dr Rasha Clinic, but Dr Rasha Rakhshani is far more reserved when it comes to accepting products into our regime of treatments. Since the results of our treatments depend not just on the techniques we use, but also the formulas and product ranges, we exclusively line the shelves of our luxury clinic with world-leading brands to transform the skin of our patients at Dr Rasha Clinic.


Dr Philip Levy is a world-leading aesthetic dermatologist based in Switzerland, who is pioneering research into the reservoirs of stem cells within our bodies to produce incredible, non-surgical aesthetic results. He truly is revolutionising the way we achieve complete facial rejuvenation, and his brand’s line of products demonstrate results that speak for themselves. The patented ArganCellActiv® Complex uses the stem cell activator Argan CDV, a plant-derived compound full of anti-ageing molecules to hydrate and restore skin’s youthful elasticity. The potent blend of ingredients can reduce the signs of ageing, such as fine lines; wrinkles; and volume loss, by 26% after just eight weeks of monitored use. We cannot recommend this brand enough, and with Dr Rasha and her team’s expertise, we can create a bespoke treatment plan for different areas of concern, using specifically tailored Dr Levy products.

Although a lot of associations with Dr Rasha’s artistic background point towards the creation of an exuberant, vivacious image of beauty (which is no bad thing!), she is a firm believer that to create a gorgeous aesthetic, you must first work on creating the perfect canvas. Dr Levy at Dr Rasha Clinic are the optimum products to achieve a flawless complexion, which will brighten and hone your overall look – whether you continue with other treatments – such as lip fillers or facial contouring – or not. Great skin is for everyone, and that is the true face of our beauty.

The Dr Rasha Clinic team are so pleased to have boosted the confidence of so many loyal clients already, and we can’t wait to share with you the amazing results that Dr Levy can achieve with bespoke tailoring. To discuss with your skin concerns with a skin specialist at the clinic, and to find out more about we utilise our medical expertise while administering Dr Levy products for specific facial concerns, get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation.


To book a consultation with Dr Rasha, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and Dr Rasha will speak to you personally to arrange your initial appointment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Levy products allow you to achieve better skin from the comfort of your own home, and your individual skincare plan will depend on your skin’s unique needs. For this reason, each patient can expect something different. By following Dr Rasha’s expert advice, patients can be sure to achieve the best possible results for them.


Some patients may experience redness, tenderness, or swelling as their skin becomes accustomed to your new regime due to the highly active ingredients. . This shouldn’t prevent you from performing your daily routine, and subside fairly quickly. The formula has been carefully developed and does not include any ingredient with known important allergy risks, though a reaction is always possible.


Dr Levy skincare products are suitable for most patients, and effective at dealing with a variety of skin concerns. During your consultation, Dr Rasha will thoroughly assess your skin and medical history to help determine the best products for you.