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A proven technology, NEOGen Plasma is the perfect choice to treat ageing skin, a revolutionary system that improves photo damaged skin, bringing fresher, firmer, more youthful looking skin, improving fine lines and sun damage. It’s the only treatment that has a proven record of generating new skin – with results and improvements for up to a year after the initial treatment.

For you, if you are not quite ready for more invasive surgical techniques NEOGen Plasma offers an extremely effective alternative. NEOGen Plasma is for the client looking at a non-surgical procedure, tolerable procedures while obtaining clinical improvement. NEOGen Plasma works at and below the surface of the skin, to modify the skin’s architecture generating new collagen and elastin fibres, giving clinical improvements in skin tone, texture and laxity which are seen immediately and continue long term.

You will be red and could be swollen for up to 2 days. The skin tightens with a bronzed glaze, and you will peel for up to 5 days. The effects of a medical grade peel without the need of anaesthetic.

  • Skin concerns that can be treated:
  • Sagging skin on the jowl.
  • Drooping eyelids.
  • Wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Sun damage on face,
  • neck & decolletage.
  • Fine lines & deeper wrinkles.
  • Large, open pores.
  • Acne scarring.
  • Active acne.

The NEOGen Plasma treatments work because of the rapid controlled heating of tissue which occurs as this nitrogen plasma gives up its unique thermal energy to the skin. The specially designed handset means there is a carefully controlled depth of thermal modification to the skin, which allows for the treatment of many skin concerns, as it triggers new collagen to be produced for up to a year following treatment.

To book a consultation with Dr Rasha, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and Dr Rasha will speak to you personally to arrange your initial appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of treatments will depend on the skin type, skin condition and results sought. The before and after photographs give guidance on the level of skin improvement on real clients, the number of treatments, number of weeks after the treatment and energy level used. This will be discussed during your initial consultation.

During the low energy you might feel a slight discomfort but nothing significant. After the treatment, it has been reported that many clients fell the skin is warm and radiating a little heat, not dissimilar to the feeling of sunburn. For high energy treatments, your practitioner will advise on pain management options.

A layer of skin will not be removed during treatment but depending on the type of treatment you will have received; the outer layer of the treated skin will eventually flake or peel. Some areas of the skin will appear pink in colour. This is normal post procedure condition.