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Treatment overview

Oxygeneo™ offers a hydrating facial solution for the skin, removing dead skin cells, providing a burst of oxygen, and enriching the skin in just one treatment. Offering a smoother, more youthful appearance immediately, Oxygeneo™ at Dr Rasha Clinic in Mayfair comes with no pain or downtime, but a multitude of skin benefits.

Oxygeneo™ is a three-step treatment, first exfoliating the upper layer of skin to remove dull, congested, and dead skin cells and revealing healthier, newer skin underneath for a smooth, even look that reduces the appearance of the early signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other clinical exfoliators, such as peels of microdermabrasion, this is an extremely gentle process that can be used even on the most sensitive of areas, such as around the eyes, without causing severe irritation. Next, essential nutrients are infused into the skin to promote healthy regeneration. Packed with useful active ingredients, each formulation can be customised to your unique skin type for the most targeted, beneficial treatments. Finally, a high-tech disc cartridge is utilised, producing bubbles of carbon dioxide to create an environment that boosts oxygen levels, in turn stimulating blood flow and encourage the healthy production of newer skin cells. This not only improves overall skin health, but increases volume and hydration for a flawless complexion.

If you are interested in Oxygeneo™ at Dr Rasha Clinic in London, the first step is scheduling an initial consultation with our team. During your consultation, we will be able to analyse your skin and assess your suitability for treatment, formulating a bespoke treatment plan that promises remarkable results. To arrange your consultation, be sure to get in touch.

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To book a consultation with Dr Rasha, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and Dr Rasha will speak to you personally to arrange your initial appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oxygeneo™ provides the skin with much-needed nutrients, helping to hydrate, firm and plump the skin and increase the production of collagen. This doesn’t just restore the skin to a more youthful, radiant appearance, but improves the production of skin cells and reduces the appearance of a range of skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

For full benefits, most patients will need a course of 4-6 weekly treatments, followed by regular monthly sessions in order to maintain the longevity of the results.

There is no downtime associated with treatment, and, following Dr Rasha’s aftercare advice, patients can return to their ordinary routine immediately. However, they should take are to limit and protect the skin from sun exposure for a minimum of 24 hours after undergoing Oxygeneo™ treatment.

The treatment is suitable for all skin tones. During your consultation, Dr Rasha and her team will look at your medical history, and the condition of the skin, to ensure the treatment is right for you, and may recommend alternatives where possible.