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TheraClear technology is the latest innovation in fighting and preventing acne. While many people suffer from the condition from their teenage years, it is just as common to develop acne as an adult. Whatever your age or skin type, TheraClear promises outstanding, rapid results to clear your complexion.

With so many varieties of acne, it can be incredibly difficult for GPs to prescribe the right treatment that will work for your skin. Since everyone is different, off-the-shelf or prescription treatments may not always work, and some can even anger your condition, making it worse. At Dr Rasha Clinic, we tailor bespoke solutions for each clients’ skin, to ensure complete effectiveness in our final results.

The TheraClear treatment works by delivering a two-step process to the targeted skin. Using an initial vacuum process, the treatment safely and effectively extracts sebaceous blockages from the pores to provide exceptional deep cleansing results. Getting deep into the skin, this machine can carefully reduces acne-causing bacteria before delivering broadband light treatment to the affected area. This penetrates the layers of the skin deep into the dermis, destroying the acne bacteria to reduce the production of sebum at its core. The light therapy also reduces erythema (redness and inflammation), to even out pigmentation defects caused by acne.

Clear skin is just two steps away, with our revolutionary TheraClear technology. Just one machine in our expert hands, can combat acne at its very source, delivering clarifying results for any sufferers of this stubborn condition.

To book a consultation with Dr Rasha, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and Dr Rasha will speak to you personally to arrange your initial appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of TheraClear technology isn’t just that it creates outstanding results, but that it is entirely flexible and safe for use on all skin types. Whatever the skin tone or age of the client, TheraClear provides safe acne-fighting treatment for sufferers of inflammatory, pustular, and comedonal acne.

Clients always start to see significant results with the TheraClear technology after three treatments. I usually recommend that my clients have 4-5 treatments over just a few weeks, to provide clarifying results and prevent future breakouts.

TheraClear’s dual function technology is effective because it combines the deep cleansing properties of vacuum treatment with the bacteria-fighting characteristics of light therapy. Delivered together, TheraClear is a specialist anti-acne treatment that delivers powerful results due to it’s combination treatment, that prevents breakouts and sebaceous blockages from within the lower levels of the dermis.

I see so many patients benefiting from the results of TheraClear, with the main attribute is the return of their self-confidence. Statistically, TheraClear has a 90% success rate at reducing and preventing acne breakouts of varying kinds, and for all skin types and ages. To determine a more accurate representation of what TheraClear can do for you, speak to Dr Rasha for tailored advice.